Flying Low | Open Level

Open Level
The “Flying Low” technique focuses mainly on the dancer‘s relationship with the floor, earth and ground.

Simple movement patterns involve breathing, speed, and the release of energy through the body in order to activate the relationship between centre and periphery and between joints and skin. Exercises will focus on moving in and out of the ground more efficiently by maintaining the state of being centred. Emphasis is placed on the skeletal structure which will aid to improve physical perception and alertness. The class includes partnering work and movement phrases, which explore the primary laws of physics: cohesion and expansion.


Isael Cruz Mata (VEN/BEL)

Artist Biography:

Cruz Mata was born in Caracas (Venezuela). He started his dancetraining in the «Institut supérieur de Danse de Caracas» in 1992 and continued his studies at the Central University of Venezuela where he followed classes in theatresciences, fine arts and philosophy. He is a member of the X-Group in P.A.R.T.S., directed by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. He teached Dance Release Technique, Flying Low, Acrobatic Dance and Contactimpro in Buenos Aires, Venezuela, Mexico, Croatia , Finland , Holland (Arnehem Dansacademie) and since 2003 in DansCentrumJette (Bruxelles).


€ 110.-

Where and when:

Tanzebene | 16.15 – 19.15 Uhr | Samstag 08.Juli & Sonntag 09.Juli 2017