Mr. Nightingale goes to the lake

»When i was young i never needed anyone and making love was just for fun, those days are gone. Living alone i think of all the friends i have known but when i dial the telephone, nobody is at home. All by myself, i don’t want to live all by myself, anymore…«

It is a story about lost youth and searching for it. It is a dance performance about acceptance of yourself. It is the path that we walk that matters and not the goal we want to achieve. It is a journey that everyone has to go through once in a lifetime. What matters in the end is You. You accept all the wrinkles and faults. You are aware of the good and bad side in you. You know your inner beauty and respect all achievements you made and cherish all the friend u met as well as accepting yourself as you are….

COSTUME DESIGN: Ines Kovačič, Tina Kolenik: feathery trousers and Igor Sviderski: home collection
MUSIC: Remembrance collective mix.