Let me have my dreams

„How do you get to see a person and what role do the surroundings play in this process? Is it possible to view a body of that person simply as an object? And is there any way to become acquainted with a body, with its impulses, gestures, rhythms, with its essential nature, from different points of view?

The performance „Let me have my dreams“ examine these questions and, in doing so, combines visual art with dance.

Idee, Choreographie | Tomas Danielis
Choreographische Assistenz | Anne-Cecile Chane-Tune
KonzeptArchitektur | KV Fönfrisur: Gigler Jakob, Marini Cesar, Nuncic Stefan
Tanz | Tomas Danielis
Musik | Ulrich Troyer
Technik, Licht, Ton | Thomas Bergner



Fotos: Walter Christopharo



Fotos: Irmgard Rausch