Connecting in Contact Improvisation | level II

level II

gravity-levity | relaxation-activity | center-periphery
Each session begins with a gentle arrival/warm-up period allowing for various activities to come into play organically. We will spend special attention to the relationship of the head/tail connection and strengthen the link of our center to the extremities of the body so that our take-offs, our landings and our traveling through space are all brave, smooth and safe.  Breath, relaxation and letting go are all directly connected to being grounded and centered while moving dynamically. We will also seek to play with various contact skills, work with enlivening the senses and remain open to finding immediate creative solutions to various unpredictable situations. Tuning, toning and enlivening our entire being creates a state of readiness, which leads us to fuller, vibrant, connected dancing.

A good grasp of CI is recommended.


Andrew Harwood | CAN

Artist Biography:

Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood is an internationally recognized pioneer and master teacher of contact improvisation. He began his dance career in 1975 and for over forty years has dedicated himself to the research, education, development and dissemination of contact improvisation and real-time composition as sophisticated movement disciplines and performing art forms. Passionate about teaching, he transforms his training in gymnastics, the Alexander Technique, Aikido, release technique, contemporary dance, yoga and various somatic practices into a personal language, which he has shared throughout the world since 1976.


€ 115.--

Where and when:

Tanzebene | 19.00 – 20.30 Uhr | Montag 16.Juli - Freitag 20.Juli 2018